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It’s been real Chiang Mai ☀️

It’s our last week in Chiang Mai and while we had many memorable moments there’s a bright light leading us towards something new. Next stop: Cambodia for until we feel it’s time to move on from there. I think we discovered that for us, during this particular time in our life, the less concrete the plans the better. We both agreed maybe a few days less Chiang Mai would’ve been preferable, however instead of rebooking/wasting money, we looked at how much we grew and connected, and are beyond appreciative of our month here. We’ve been through a few ups and downs but the way we got through them still brings warmth to my soul. The way we treat each other through our differences has changed immeasurably. You see, we’re so in love, trying to make sure the other person is happy, when in all reality all both of us want is for the other to just be themselves...we truly love who each of us are. It’s been phenomenal seeing and being a part of the growth and positive light that’s our future toge…

Life @ Pai 🍄🍃🧡

Pai is the oasis for connectivity, peacefulness, and the hippie loving life.
It is awesome.
About a 3 hour van ride, twisty with a little over 700 turns, it is definitely manageable and worth it once you reach this paradise tucked within the mountain tops.
We stayed at Pho Rak Nah Pai. I’m pretty sure I sprouted fairy wings the minute I walked through the entrance. Cobblestones lead the way to various mud huts, each with their own hammock and balcony with table and chairs. We had the choice of three and stuck with a corner hut, private and with a sunrise view over rice fields. The room itself was cozy, a beautiful Ganesh tapestry hung on the wall with flowy, sheer curtains covering the windows. Colored lights hung from the wall giving it this moody calming look. It’s an experience already, you feel closer, humbled, and curious.
The town itself is quaint. Everyone is smiling and looking a little dazed, in their own world. The first night settling in we popped into a few bars, talking t…

For your viewing pleasure 🙈

This past Saturday was a cause for celebration. We made it a little over a week with only a few argu...let’s call them disagreements 😋 and we’re definitely in love. See, I told ya it was coming. My wonderful girlfriend realized it was time to get me out of my personally made routine and find a little balance within purpose and pleasure. She’s the best at that. Truthfully we keep each other in check, but I’ll admit she’s taken the lead in bringing out my inner child who, I acknowledge is kinda awesome, though doesn’t get out very often on her own. (It’s a work in progress, maybe my message to share aloud is about balance?...I’ll go with it).
Now, onto the night.
We started at Mixology, a burger and cocktail joint we visited last year. Beginning with cocktails that suit our flavor preference as opposed to pounding shots right off the bat has proven to work better for us. Original recipes and eye catching sayings to entice you to pick a particular drink. We each had two a piece, my favo…

The Positives of doing Nothing

Some days Steph and I honestly “do nothing.” And at first it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve been someone who is told to practice relaxing. Often caught up in my head, conversing with myself, I’m learning to accept those voices,  those thoughts, let them pass by and just BE.

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of getting wrapped up in our heads. “Do nothing you say? Relax?!” I used to reprimand myself claiming that it’s lazy and a firm believer that being productive meant doing something. It’s been one of the biggest rewards that this time around we’re not forcing anything. We’re enjoying being with each other, feeling grateful for the moments of stillness. Steph and I are both known to be constantly on the go, doing, doing, doing. These days we’re simply...not. Every time we choose to be still we’re learning patience and forgiveness, appreciation for what is right there in front of us. 
As time goes on,  I realize I may not have anything specific to write about, no particular motive …

Home is where the ♥️ is

And we chose the Lanna Thai Guesthouse. We’ve decided to embrace it as our home, staying the full 25 days we’re here. It is located right in the middle of The Night Bazaar; a plethora of locals, crafters, home cooks coming together, setting up shop to sell their products. It’s colorful and loud, the aroma from the street food sparks your senses. People from all over the world gather here to shop, explore, and experience.
We spent a night or two dining at the outdoor picnic tables. This market in particular is open 6 nights a week, luring tourists with its popularity. Every night there is something new to see, taste, and hear.

Because we’re planning on visiting a few countries during the next few months, we’re living off a, personally, stricter budget (and for the first time adamant to stick to it!). So we put our energy into finding other options for dining. While the night market is known for its inexpensive prices, we found there’s even more cost effective ways to stretch our spendi…

Getting passed The Judgement

We all feel it. We all see it. We all need to let that sh*t go.
Personally, I’ve been working on overcoming perfectionism pretty much my whole life...former has been a priority to understand and continue to push passed it.
It’s important to admit that we as humans feel uncomfortable emotions, have struggles, and are faced with everyday battles. Let’s all feel, admit, and conquer those moments together. Yes, I am one of those. “Imagine ” by John Lennon will always be 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Why did I start my first entry this way? Letting go of my own personal judgement was the only way to begin this blog. Scared to start sharing my thoughts, beliefs on growth and satisfaction, me and my girlfriends everyday life. Are we doing this right? Are we _____ enough? Blah blah blah. Lift the tone arm off the record player stop those repetitive thoughts.
So, now, without any judgement...

We made it!! Steph and I have been in Chiang Mai for four days and we love this city. Situated up in the mo…