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This past Saturday was a cause for celebration. We made it a little over a week with only a few argu...let’s call them disagreements πŸ˜‹ and we’re definitely in love. See, I told ya it was coming. My wonderful girlfriend realized it was time to get me out of my personally made routine and find a little balance within purpose and pleasure. She’s the best at that. Truthfully we keep each other in check, but I’ll admit she’s taken the lead in bringing out my inner child who, I acknowledge is kinda awesome, though doesn’t get out very often on her own. (It’s a work in progress, maybe my message to share aloud is about balance?...I’ll go with it).
Now, onto the night.
We started at Mixology, a burger and cocktail joint we visited last year. Beginning with cocktails that suit our flavor preference as opposed to pounding shots right off the bat has proven to work better for us. Original recipes and eye catching sayings to entice you to pick a particular drink. We each had two a piece, my favorite being the Lavendar Rebellion
 Gentlemman or in this case lady by day, philosopher 
by night, pervert by choice and rebel by fate ✨. Now who wouldn’t want that?

I love gin and lavendar. Steph first introduced me to this combination in Raleigh, North Carolina with a drink called The Waterlily (side note, also happens to be my favorite flower 🌺 ☺️) that is absolute perfection with similar ingredients. Of course hers always takes the cake, though Mixology’s was extremely well balanced with a unique presentation. There’s also a bar dog. No, really, a big fur baby lives here. He’s shaggy, friendly and a huge cuddle monster. I’m a sucker for anything with four legs.... 

Not quite ready to go home, we came to another familiar spot, Zoe’s. Zoe’s last year was compact, most bars sporting the same beer and vodka a lot changed in a year. We discovered Loosey Goosey. If you like cocktails, true classic cocktails, this is the place to go. Steph had a CaipiriΓ±ha,  who doesn’t love chachaca, and I had a Bees Knees. Both perfectly measured, shaken or stirred ice cold, the night was looking bright.
Now for the self sacrificing moment lol. A small, club like bar was our next stop, right next door and halfway through our tequila sodas we let loose on the dance floor. We LOVE to dance. Anywhere, any style. Neither or us hold back. She caught this ridiculous clip of me acting a fool to some early 90s song that inspired this whole post. I’m sweaty, a taaad bit drunk, shirt up, pants rolled down and I am LIVING. I guess you could say I’m a go big or go home kind of girl. Learning to conquer fear of being embarrassed, clearly that wasn’t an issue in the moment hah, so why not let everyone else get a chuckle at my cool dance moves. Being silly is one of my favorite parts about life.
I’m so grateful for my babe for getting me out of the serious side of my brain and letting loose with me. Truth is, I don’t ever want to grow up. Gain wisdom, gain truth and perception, but never never ever grow up. ✌🏼❤️


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