Getting passed The Judgement

We all feel it. We all see it. We all need to let that sh*t go.
Personally, I’ve been working on overcoming perfectionism pretty much my whole life...former has been a priority to understand and continue to push passed it.
It’s important to admit that we as humans feel uncomfortable emotions, have struggles, and are faced with everyday battles. Let’s all feel, admit, and conquer those moments together. Yes, I am one of those. “Imagine ” by John Lennon will always be πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Why did I start my first entry this way? Letting go of my own personal judgement was the only way to begin this blog. Scared to start sharing my thoughts, beliefs on growth and satisfaction, me and my girlfriends everyday life. Are we doing this right? Are we _____ enough? Blah blah blah. Lift the tone arm off the record player stop those repetitive thoughts.
So, now, without any judgement...

We made it!! Steph and I have been in Chiang Mai for four days and we love this city. Situated up in the mountains of northern Thailand, the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Lush and green with a constant breeze coming from the mountain tops. An awe-inspiring place to start our one way ticket experience. It is our second time visiting this cool and vibrant city. One may question why we returned to a city we’ve already seen.. For us personally, we’re a bit unstable at times and some sense of familiarity was comforting. And that’s OK. The point is we’re here. We made it.

Try not to judge the limit of your comfort zone. Your life. Step outside your personal box. Not the couple you follow on Instagram or the stories you see on Snapchat. Being new to social media, I felt a bit out of place myself until it hit me. This is me. Be proud of your life, your own personal accomplishments. Notice your boundaries and step outside them. Congratulate yourself, be kind, smile. Notice the discomfort and move through it, it makes you stronger. Laugh at the false negativity that your mind uses to play games with you; it’s usually ridiculous anyways. Be true and love yourself. Life is such a beautiful adventure.


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