Home is where the ♥️ is

And we chose the Lanna Thai Guesthouse. We’ve decided to embrace it as our home, staying the full 25 days we’re here. It is located right in the middle of The Night Bazaar; a plethora of locals, crafters, home cooks coming together, setting up shop to sell their products. It’s colorful and loud, the aroma from the street food sparks your senses. People from all over the world gather here to shop, explore, and experience.
We spent a night or two dining at the outdoor picnic tables. This market in particular is open 6 nights a week, luring tourists with its popularity. Every night there is something new to see, taste, and hear.

Because we’re planning on visiting a few countries during the next few months, we’re living off a, personally, stricter budget (and for the first time adamant to stick to it!). So we put our energy into finding other options for dining. While the night market is known for its inexpensive prices, we found there’s even more cost effective ways to stretch our spending and ultimately stretch the length of our trip. We discovered The Big C. You’re typical grocery store, it’s sells everything. From fresh produce, hot and cold prepared meals, snacks, household items, beer, wine, and yes even liquor. The stir fried chicken and rice goes for about 25 baht, the equivalent of $0.77. Compared to the night market price of 80 baht or $2.50, those couple of cents can make a difference in the long run.
The 7-11 down the street is perfect for a ramen, say to balance out a night splurging on the town. Yes, good ole ramen. Is it the most sustainable or substantial food? No of course not. It works though. We just added some fresh vegetables and bam..dinner is served. Not bad for every now and then.
Across the river is a day market we love going to. A little off the beaten path it’s a little more cost effective as it’s not as popular amongst the tourist. That’s the key, go where the locals go. They know what’s up. Fresh beautiful fruits, vegetables, nuts, even hot “to go” food at a steal. The flavor profile is insane here. A solid burst of sweet, salty, sour, and always some heat. Can’t get any better than this.

Chiang Mai is a city of options. A back backers dream.
Living off laughter, living without high demands, finding satisfaction in communicating and connecting with Steph has proven to be more fulfilling than any $200+ dinner. We used to constantly ball out, spending paper like nothing. Now we’re taking a little different approach. Wanting to be present and conscious, our dreams of seeing the world and educating ourselves on different cultures trumps our need to be as frivolous as we were in the states.
Now don’t get me wrong, we certainly have plans to go out, let loose, and party like the old days. We’re just choosing to let those times be a celebration, not a lifestyle. We will definitely be seen eating out, chillin at the Rasta bars, indulging in cocktails from time to time. Chiang Mai actually does have an underground cocktail scene. Bragging time!!! My girlfriend has one hell of a skill mixing/creating cocktails. She brought me into the career side of it as well. I will say though, she’s awesome. Fast, clean, and knowledgeable, she kills the game. She’s been my favorite teacher 😊
Time and place for that...for now we’re sticking to the basics.
We’ve felt more security and love from ourselves and from each other the last couple days staying in and staying aware of the possibilities that lie ahead. We let go of materialistic value and status, instead appreciating the value in each other.
And, for that, if you ask me, I’ll choose ramen with her any day. ✌🏼❤️


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