It’s been real Chiang Mai ☀️

It’s our last week in Chiang Mai and while we had many memorable moments there’s a bright light leading us towards something new. Next stop: Cambodia for until we feel it’s time to move on from there. I think we discovered that for us, during this particular time in our life, the less concrete the plans the better. We both agreed maybe a few days less Chiang Mai would’ve been preferable, however instead of rebooking/wasting money, we looked at how much we grew and connected, and are beyond appreciative of our month here. We’ve been through a few ups and downs but the way we got through them still brings warmth to my soul. The way we treat each other through our differences has changed immeasurably. You see, we’re so in love, trying to make sure the other person is happy, when in all reality all both of us want is for the other to just be themselves...we truly love who each of us are. It’s been phenomenal seeing and being a part of the growth and positive light that’s our future together.
Some highlights—
For me,Freedom Yoga 🙌🏼🙌🏼. Not sure if I mentioned prior to this; I studied and danced ballet professionally for 15 years give or take. For reasons I’m not ready to share publicly yet it became destructive to continue living in that world. I’ve known, dabbled in the practice of yoga since I was 19. It wasn’t until I was in a relationship with Steph that I began loving myself enough to really dedicate time to something so beautiful, enlightening, and positive for me. It’s been absolutely incredible taking classes here in Chiang Mai. The before mentioned Freedom Yoga was my choice of studios. Treehouse style, open space, and calming atmosphere...both Adam and Ning are wonderful teachers. I took 3 different styles of classes Hatha, mixed flow, and vinyasa. Each being basic to get a good flow, yet also challenging to offer growth during the class. I float out of each one with a smile shining bright. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity.
Thank you Life.
The other day we rented a moped, just because. Steph is a beast driving through cars, driving on the other side of the road 🙈. I feel safe hanging onto her while we cruise at 70 on the windy mountain roads. We literally just spent a day riding around. Minus getting stopped by police and getting a ticket for not having an international driving license ( militant state...they get every tourist, just pay it and move on). And I have to find the humor because after living in New York this was the cheapest ticket ever paid lol.
After getting over that, it still sucks regardless, we took an adventure route up to Mae Rim. We opted to not go to the Longneck Village, though it’s up there, instead we just cruised. We were blessed instead with the most outrageous sight. First an elephant crossing sign followed by the real thing. Yep, an actual elephant walking down the road. We had to turn around and take a picture...what a phenomenal creature. It really was just awesome.

The next day we walked around, 10 miles or so, exploring parts we haven’t seen, tiring ourselves out.
Not much else going on, Mother Nature must have known and gave us a rainy day before the last Monday, Tuesday and so on gives us reason to celebrate.
We’re here to enjoy ourselves, to appreciate the beautiful life we worked endless hours for. Feeling eternally blessed, hearts full of love, and eyes hungry for what’s to come, the unknown.
We must say, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to Thailand and for all that it offered us.


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