The Positives of doing Nothing

Some days Steph and I honestly “do nothing.” And at first it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve been someone who is told to practice relaxing. Often caught up in my head, conversing with myself, I’m learning to accept those voices,  those thoughts, let them pass by and just BE.

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of getting wrapped up in our heads. “Do nothing you say? Relax?!” I used to reprimand myself claiming that it’s lazy and a firm believer that being productive meant doing something.
It’s been one of the biggest rewards that this time around we’re not forcing anything. We’re enjoying being with each other, feeling grateful for the moments of stillness. Steph and I are both known to be constantly on the go, doing, doing, doing. These days we’re simply...not.
Every time we choose to be still we’re learning patience and forgiveness, appreciation for what is right there in front of us. 

As time goes on,  I realize I may not have anything specific to write about, no particular motive or agenda. Some days I may just write and see what comes up, especially on the days we “do nothing”. Feeling proud and satisfied that I’m ok with that. Noticing that just being, just recognizing the sights and smells around you is an art all in itself. 

Yesterday was spent mostly around the guesthouse. A little bit of yoga throughout the day and a trip to the market for food. Spending time talking and laughing, resting the mind from the chatter. Be gentle and tell yourself it’s OK to just be. Take some time to get to know yourself. When you’re satisfied with the person on the inside, when you smile at the reflection looking back at you, to not have to do something to like yourself...that is the goal.

Especially here, on this journey, there actually is always tomorrow to do. Though I hope, even after all this is done, wherever I am, to continue with this self care practice. Take a day and just be. Reflect on yourself, be present. Enjoy the time with a loved one and really be there. Spend a day in bed taking care of yourself, just because. Notice the chattering thoughts and let them go. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be loving. Be present. Simply, every now and then...allow yourself to just Be. ✌🏼❤️


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